• Mini tarts – hand made

    • Lemon Curd

      With fresh in season blueberries

    • Lemon Meringue

      Lemon curd with meringue

    • Chocolate

      chocolate shell, chocolate pastry cream, chocolate Chantilly and chocolate shavings

    • Tangerine Curd

      With chocolate covered candied tangerine peel

    • Zen

      five spice flavored shell. Green tea custard and lychee fruit garnish – candied ginger “dust”

    • Very Berry

      cardamon crust, berry custard, seasonal berries, vanilla Chantilly

    • Going Nuts

      maple three nut filling, amaretto Chantilly and pistachio dust

    • Floral love

      lavender custard, rosewater Chantilly, white chocolate shavings and chiffonade of rose petals

    • Custom Flavors and Fillings

      create your own flavor and filling combinations!

    • Truffles

    • Oreo Cookie Truffle

      cream cheese and oreo filling with oreo crust

    • Dark Chocolate Pate

      With macerated dried cherries and pistachios

    • Vegan chocolate and multi nut truffle with frangelico

    • Vegan chocolate and coconut truffles

    • Create your own custom truffle!

    • Macaroons

    • Lemon Lime

      lemon lime zest flavored with lemon lime curd

    • Espresso coconut

      espresso coconut flavored with chocolate ganache

    • Tangerine

      Tangerine flavored with tangerine curd

    • Nutella

      Frangelico flavored with Nutella filling

    • Lemon Berry

      Lemon zest flavored with berry preserves

    • Chocolate Grand Marnier

      cocoa – orange zest flavored with grand marnier curd

    • Green tea

      green tea flavored with pistachio buttercream

    • Peanut butter cup

      cocoa flavored with peanut butter cream and chocolate drizzle

    • Blackberry Cassis

      Cassis flavored with blackberry preserves

    • Mini Cream Puffs

    • Bourbon Pecan

      bourbon flavored Chantilly with bourbon caramel drizzle and candied pecan garnish

    • Cream Puff

      Filled with rosewater flavored Chantilly, pomegranate molasses drizzle and lavender scented powdered sugar

    • Cream Puff

      Filled with espresso Chantilly and dusted with cocoa powder

    • Candied Orange

      orange custard, covered in dark chocolate ganache with candied orange peel “dust”

    • Custom – create your own flavor and filling combination!